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… like being wrapped in cashmere on a sunny spring morning! perfect to curl up to …
— OK Magazine
Jaëls dusky vocals … before you know it have mysteriously weaved the listener under her sultry spell …
— Hit Sheet, Chris Hewlett
Jaël can make spines shiver and knees tremble …
— the Mirror
Glorious voice, great stage presence
— London times


ORKESTRA (Oktober 2017)

Knapp zwei Jahre nach Veröffentlichung ihres erfolgreichen Solo-Debuts "Shuffle The Cards" (#2 Album Charts) beweist Jaël einmal mehr, dass sie als Solokünstlerin ihre musikalischen Qualitäten perfekt in Szene setzen kann. Mit "Orkestra" erscheint am 27.10.2017 das neuste Werk der ehemaligen Lunik Sängerin – ein 15 Track starkes Album mit orchestrierten Hits, die in den letzten 15 Jahren ihres Bühnendaseins entstanden sind und am diesjährigen "Klangantrisch" während eines einmaligen Auftritts vorgetragen wurden.

Am 06. Juni dieses Jahres teilte Jaël im Rahmen des Crossoverfestivals "Klangantrisch" mit ein paar Musikergspähnlis mehr die Bühne, als sie es sich in Vergangenheit wohl gewohnt war. Begleitet vom litauischen Orchester „Klaipédos Kamerinis Orkestras“ verzauberte sie das Publikum mit einer Ansammlung von Songs, die aus früheren Kollaborationen entstanden sind. Diese Ansammlung von persönlichen Perlen aus bald 20 Jahren Bühnendasein – allesamt in neuem musikalischen Gewand, ausschliesslich mit Piano und Orchester instrumentiert - wurde live aufgezeichnet und erscheint nun am 27.10.2017 in limitierter Edition auf CD und LP.




Man darf sich freuen auf einen bunten Mix von Songs, die Jaël etwa mit der kanadischen Band Delerium, dem Schweizer Künstler Mich Gerber, dem Norweger Pål Angelskar, der Schweizer DJane Tatana, dem deutschen Act Schiller oder für das Theaterstück 1476 in Zusammenarbeit geschrieben hatte. Und natürlich gibt’s auch für Lunik Fans was zu entdecken. Neben 2 Lunik-Hits findet sich ebenfalls das als Hidden Track erschienene "Candle" auf dem Album. Die Singles "Shuffle The Cards“ und „In Love Again" von ihrem 2015 erschienenen Solo-Album begeistern genau so wie die orchestrierte Version von Mani Matters «Warum Syt Dir So Truurig?».

Ausserdem gibt’s weitere aufregende News. Jaël wird Ende Jahr zum ersten Mal Mutter. Dies der Grund, wieso sie sich mit diesem schönen Projekt bis auf Weiteres von den Schweizer Bühnen abmeldet. Eins sei jedoch versprochen: das Ende ihrer Musikkarierre wird das nicht, denn es ist bereits neues Songmaterial in Entstehung.





ACOUSTIC TOUR (Autumn 2016 / Spring 2017)

Bestselling Swiss singer-songwriter Jaël is doing a series of auspicious acoustic shows. Jointly arranged with two musical collaborators, the set promises to be intimate and evocative.

In November 2015, Jaël’s first solo album "shuffle the cards" went straight into the Swiss music charts at number two. It was an impressive start to new solo career of the former Lunik frontwoman. The Bernese singer performed the album across Switzerland, with stops at open-air stages, in a show featuring hooky electric drums, loops and samples and Jaël’s distinctive, catchy voice.

Now with the change of season, the singer-songwriter is delivering an acoustic programme to match the golden mood of autumn: with Cédric Monnier (ex-Lunik) on keyboards and Domi Schreiber (MyKungFu) on guitar, Jaël will be performing her own songs in a more intimate setting, with new arrangements highlighting the quality of the songwriting.





The set complements hit tunes from the Lunik era, and fans can look forward to some pearls from Jaël’s other side project, MiNa.

And because autumn is about reaping harvests, audiences can bathe in Jaël’s warm, melancholic voice, as it is encircled in piano ballads, driving guitar duos, soulful duets and bursts of color with the xylophone and kalimba. These seated trio concerts promise to be full of soulful moments and pleasure: a spine-tingling atmosphere is guaranteed!


Jaël: vocals, guitar, glockenspiel
Cédric Monnier: grand piano, casio, kalimba
Domi Schreiber: guitar, backing vocals




“SHUFFLE THE CARDS” (October 2015)

Jaël, the Queen of Hearts

After taking her final bow as front woman of the band Lunik at their farewell concert, charismatic Bernese singer-songwriter Jaël has since metamorphosed and returned with her solo album, “Shuffle the Cards”. A reflection of her musical depth and insights, Jaël’s debut sounds more modern, global and electronic than her past work. The scope of the 14 songs is vast and sees the 36-year-old use the full range of her voice, from poppy to ethereal on folk riffs, R'n'B, dance and electro. On the album, Jaël’s unmistakable voice and the harmonizing arrangements bring this eclecticism together in a whole. Quiet moments and melancholy sit comfortably side-by-side with catchy up-tempo hooks.

Diverse influences

Collaboration with other artists adds to the album’s rich textures and variety. Like German songwriter Alexander Freund, who has worked with many of Germany’s greats, Swiss producers Philippe Merk and Thomas Fessler, renowned American songwriter Tom Freund and musicians James Walsh and Nick Coler. All worked intensively with Jaël on the songs and lyrics. But it was British sound wizard Eliot James who had the greatest impact on the album. For “Shuffle the Cards”, the multitalented musician, who produced the Kaiser Chiefs’ album “Off With Their Heads” together with Mark Ronson, wrote some of the instrumentals, arranged the songs and played all instruments.





These inspirations bring new dimensions to the songs lyrically. “I would often work on a single passage for hours until it all would end up sitting together perfectly with the music and encapsulate what I really wanted to express,” says Jaël. This is evident for example in the song "Last Will From Your Love", which tenderly describes the end of a relationship from the perspective of the love itself, as it says farewell to the two lovers. The tension between Tom Freund’s American conciseness and the imagery of Jaël’s texts come through in the folk music-styled song "Free Fall". It becomes clear the album’s stories draw on Jaël’s own life.

Duet with James Walsh

Among the potential hits are "In Love Again", "I Don’t Like Goodbyes", "Raindrops", "Shuffle The Cards" and the duet "Easy Life" with James Walsh, which is destined to become a favourite on European club dance floors. The remix by Sweden's Nu Disco new kid on the block, Tobtok, already climbed up to #7 of the upfront club charts this summer. The album’s lyrics delve into questions of the heart: what to do when a relationship is at a crossroads, whether you can fall in love with the same person over and over, and what it feels like when partners are so different. The arrangements feature an array of distorted guitars, classical piano, digital ambience and the discordant sound of everyday objects.